The quest for SCA shoes


SCA shoes are a conundrum. Period shoes are often incredibly uncomfortable, especially at busy events and wars where I easily walk a few miles a day. And they’re expensive. Peri-oid shoes are more comfortable and affordable, but they usually look wrong, won’t accommodate socks, and don’t stand up to a lot of standing and walking. I’m on entourage for the current reign, which means a lot of standing. One weekend on bad shoes and it was time to find a fix that works.

And then the light shone down and I found these: Alegria shoes. They’re professional shoes (read: for nurses, teachers, and hospitality industry people) that give great support for backs, knees and joints by molding to the shape of your foot, a la Birkentstocks. But they have a layer of memory foam so they feel good. The soles are too thick to look properly medieval, but they are slip resistant and curve gently up at the toe so you don’t trip yourself up when you’re moving quickly. They hold socks, have replaceable footbeds, a nice wide toe box like 15th c. shoes, and work with and without socks.

Save your pennies and pick some up. They make shoes for men and women – including boots! The pair I’m wearing is called Brown Magic and cost me $120. If they save me the need to hit the chiropractor a couple of times or a single massage, then they’ve paid for themselves.

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