Crewel work owl

We have been so sick over here for nearly two weeks with bronchitis, sinus infections, and general respiratory misery. It would be a grand gift of time to work on my secret peerage scroll, but the meds make me loopy and shaky. Detail work being out, I decided to start another crewel project. I’ve got a couple of owl designs in the queue, so I popped one on some orange scrap linen.

I’m still using the colors from the deer project, and I’m not sure about my color choices, particularly the green. The oranges are too close to the ground fabric to really shine. I think I’ll just use it to practice techniques and stitches for the real deal.

I really like the seeding and chain stitches in the eye area. Lattice might be nice for the pupil, especially with the grid of chest feathers that it would echo. On the deer, I didn’t get experimental with the wide range of stitches traditional to crewel embroidery. Consistency can really make or break how good even simple things look, which I’m learning the hard way.

The feathers are alright, but I got too many colors going. The outlines on the body feathers (above the tail in red, blue, and green) create the rhythm through the body, but only if the lines stay really straight and their widths consistent. Straight doesn’t blend well and gets awkward at angles. Stem is lumpy and ruins the angularity.

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