King’s Gauntlets – the second one

I’m powering through the second one of these much faster than the first. I simply don’t have as much time to spend. And some of the choices I made took a very long time for an effect that wasn’t proportionally nice enough for the work required.


My RSN Crewelwork book came in. While I’m working in silk right now (definitely not crewelwork!), some of the stitches and methods used for crewelwork’s curvy leaf motifs made perfect sense for the acanthus leaves on my project.

A combination of long and short with fish bone stitches has given a very nice effect that’s quick to do. I’m running about an hour per leaf instead of the 5-6 hours I ran on the first one where I tried to build dimension and shading with dimensional stitches. The gold work is moving MUCH faster than on the first one because I’ve stopped trying to make it behave and just accepted that it’s difficult.


Three more events, and the reign is over, these Gauntlets get awarded, and I’m free to only do my personal projects and commissions! Ok, mostly commissions because I’ve gotten behind on those while doing all the calligraphy and random projects for the reign…

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