I broke myself

I finished out the reign’s final few weeks of work in an ever-increasing amount of pain. It seems that a full day in front of a computer for work followed by coming home to do handwork or calligraphy until one or two in the morning every single day for the better part of a year is bad for the nerves and soft tissues of the wrist and hand. So I’m strapped into a brace and forbidden from doing basically anything remotely artistic for at least two months. It’s maddening, and it’s only been a couple of weeks, which may not even count towards my months of rest because I was still doing things I could physically achieve while wearing the brace, like knitting! This is also forbidden, and I am a bad patient.

In the midst of this, we are packing to move away and doing a lot of travel. Just got pack from Paris last week, then we’re off to Alaska in June, to Savannah in July to find a place to live, then on the road to move at the close of July! In lieu of work I’m doing since it is forbidden, I’ll be sharing some of the photos of wonderful art and decorative objects of the Middle Ages we saw in Paris and the research they’re inspiring. I took the opportunity to focus on details of 15th c. costuming and things like patterning motifs from carvings that will translate well in calligraphic work, embroidery, and such.