Summer Update

I’m still broken, but the wrist is definitely healing. It’s just going to take 5-6 months instead of a couple. Super frustrating to not have my creative outlets to de-stress, but I’m surviving by carrying sticky googly eyes in my purse and putting them in unexpected places. This is the most creative thing I’ve gotten to do:10464172_10203306980209058_7356033589910722038_n


It’s calabacitas rellenas – hollowed out squash stuffed with chopped seasoned pre-cooked meat in sauce (like enchilada sauce), covered with cheese, and popped into the oven. It’s delicious. It’s fast. It’s pretty healthy interior Mexican food that my husband actually likes, and best of all, I can make it without serious access to specialty ingredients that are everywhere in Texas and scarce in Georgia.

While we’re on the topic of delicious, I have found the most delicious tea for iced tea ever – providing you like chocolate and mint. I Brew What I Want tea is Loki themed, and it is so much greater than the sum of its parts would suggest. It’s mostly green tea with peppermint and some black cream tea, so you are free to drink vast quantities of it during the day and not be too wired on caffeine. Get some. (It’s probably fantastic hot, too. I just haven’t been motivated to put it to the test yet…)



Summer is whizzing by, and it’s hard to believe that we’re going to be in the car on our way to Georgia in 11 days. I found a house I like a lot, and got to spend a week in Savannah getting to know my new city. It’s beautiful! And on the ocean! Check it out – beach, great old houses, amazing trees covered with moss… We lucked out in the professor job lottery big time. This is way more to my liking than New England.

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