Our new life

Our stuff arrived a couple of weeks ago. It’s almost all unpacked and put away, save the books. Those require buying bookshelves, which requires some things to happen, like getting paid, getting moving expenses reimbursed, getting all of the deposits and whatnot back from our Texas life. Hopefully, there will be enough for a new couch!

Kevin is off teaching and settling into his new job well. I had high hopes for being a hausfrau, but work stuff has come up, and I’ve been swamped the whole time we’ve been in Savannah. Good in that it’s extra pay, a little disappointing because I had grand ideas of homemaking. Learning to make bread and having bluebirds help me get dressed in the morning will have to wait…

My wrist is still a mess, but insurance starts next week, so maybe I can get in some PT sessions to help knock out the problem (and hopefully continue to avoid surgery). I tempted fate and spent about ten┬áminutes doing a little bit of simple sewing to test something and was in serious pain for a day and a half. So….all of my medieval arts are still out of the question. Mostly. I think I could do a little herb gardening, which I’m terribly excited about. It’s mild here and rains often, so I think I’ll have far more success than I did in Texas. It will be nice to have fresh herbs again! The giant basil plant I grew last year was wonderful to have around.

I’m playing with some simple collage journaling since it’s really easy on my hands and still pretty creative. I’m also back in the swing of interior design, which I haven’t done in years, even though I went to school for it. Having a new house and new life to prepare for is really fun, but designing spaces and homes is much more rewarding when you have a nice budget to work with. I’m trying to stay positive and not be disheartened by my half-empty box fortress house.

Once we’re a little more settled, I’m looking forward to hosting some crafts nights at the house, having people over, and maybe getting around to working with medieval cooking possibilities.

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