Koi Pillow – Details

This project is moving more quickly than anticipated. Insomnia and a new audio book made it easy to spend some time this weekend stitching away. I’m totally blocked on a monster work project and having panic attacks about it, so stitching was a good break from that mess.

photo 2

As you can see, my tension has issues. I’m doing my best to only use my left hand, with minor assists from the right – like when I’m coming up from beneath the piece and can’t quite get the needle in just the right place to butt up against the stitch from the next scale over. I’m doing better than I expected to be, but am glad that I didn’t choose an SCA project to work on for this.

photo 1

The tail is spectacular on this fish. I absolutely love it and am not sure how to do it justice. The koi¬†fish, and the tail in particular, beg for the tiny stitches of an expert at silk shading. This is not that project. I’m limiting myself to stitches that I can actually pull off as a lefty, and I can’t do silk shading with my right hand. Stem outlines with little stitches along where the ribs of the fin are seem like a good solution.

photo 3

I kind of like the thin black lines between the small stitches. I’m thinking about going over them with skinny silk sewing thread in white or maybe black to emphasize the line better without adding much visual weight. Gold? What do you think? Maybe I’ll do some as an experiment at the end when my hand is a little more attuned to finer work.

2 thoughts on “Koi Pillow – Details

  1. Maybe you can do a fill with couched metallic thread for the fins? Do the over stitch in a matte color that matches the existing color of the gills? If you do it with vertical stitches, you could use the black over the lines you have drawn to show you to keep the lines, too!

    1. Ooooh I like the idea of a couched metallic thread! Maybe I could butt it up against some areas, like a sparkly highlight to call out some of the more serpentine lines.

      I hate working with metallics, but I forgot about couching them! Now to see if I can find where I put my Japanese imitation gold thread…

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