Augmentation of Arms for Sir Lex

I’ve been wanting to do something from the Capodilista Codex for a while. I may be wrong on this, but I like to think of it as a sort of society pages for noble knights. Page after page of them are pictured on horseback. The horses have heraldic horse dresses on, shields with devices feature prominently, and the armor is obviously not cookie cutter. There are even actual blocks of text on each page – not the case for similar books that just say the name of the person portrayed. My opportunity came this spring, when I got asked if I wanted to do a sooper seekrit Augmentation of Arms for Sir Alexander Brighthelmston. YES.

Look at this goodness! Drapey fabric! A goofy “how you doin’ sexy lady?” horse face! The recipient is a knight who wears Very Shiny full-plate armor and does equestrian stuff and his horse has a fancy heraldic horse dress. This was an ideal time to work from the Capodilista Codex. The project was really fun for me.┬áIt was a great chance to practice some wet-in-wet shading methods for fabric on perg (so not too wet).

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