I have an announcement…

So this weekend, at the coronation of TRM Timothy and Ysmay, I was asked to join the Order of the Laurel. It was a very pleasant surprise, to say the least. Mistress Peeps sounds very silly to me, but the Laurel Peeps art my friends have been making is all delightful. Master Thomas Paumer made that picture up there. (It practically begs to be made into a badge and used for terrible purposes.) There’s a lot to plan. I’m still in crazy nursing school mode (and will be until 2019). Vigil and elevation are being planned for Gulf, since it’s the easiest wan to have four kingdoms’ worth of friends show up at the same time and place. So that’s a thing that’s going to happen. I haven’t given a lot of thought to being elevated – save the fact that one of my best friends drills me annually about who would speak for me (and has since my second or third year in the SCA). So I have an idea of who to talk to. It seemed really presumptuous in my head to write my Laurel a “in case of elevation, break glass” letter about what I want. Now, I wish I had done that, or at least written down some ideas.

I’ve gotten asked what I’m going to wear and what I want to look like. The answer is: NOT LIKE A POTATO, OR IF I DO LOOK LIKE A POTATO, I WANT TO BE A CUTE POTATO. Mercifully, my Laurel is an incredible costumer and practices fabric witchcraft. I will look less potato-y than usual. It will involve trips to Atlanta and/or Nashville. One of my BFFs, Viscountess Violet, suggested “sumptuous Norse” as what to wear, and that sounds perfect. I’ve been craving some extra luxe Norse for both me and Kevin. His wardrobe is due for an upgrade. And now his clothes can actually fit right. (Confession: he’s 6’8″/2m tall, so I panic and just make him enormous clothes that don’t really fit that well. I do the same thing for myself sometimes. I’m a hot mess.)

The important thing is that I realized that this roll of nearly 10 yards of the nicest, most gorgeous green heavy silk I’ve had and been afraid to use for almost 20 years does not have to be my Laurel dress. I had thought it would be.¬†I got it in trade for working for a high-end fabric store that was closing. I remember that the 70% off clearance price on it was $74/yd. SO YEAH. No. But there are other occasions to be fancy and make beautiful clothes. And I still REALLY want to learn some of Matthew Gnangy’s Modern Maker tailoring because it is NOT a skill I have. And being able to make a gown out of that as I learn new things and continue bettering myself is an ideal use for it. Also? HOW SCARY WOULD IT BE TO CAMP WITH THAT MUCH IRREPLACEABLE SILK?¬†Especially since Kevin will need to coordinate with me, and I don’t want to try to make him wear tights for the first time ever so that I can be Ultra 15th Century French. I can do that some other time. Like for coronations.