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self mirrorI make a LOT of things, and most of them are borne out of a love for the middle ages, for handwork, for the work women have done for centuries without fanfare, and – above all – an extraordinary thirst for knowledge. I’m a research junkie who never seems to have idle hands. Costuming, calligraphy, needlework, fiber arts, and illumination are my primary areas of focus in study and in creative pursuit.

I’m married to a bearded giant of a professor, and we live in Savannah with our two big dogs and a lot of books. We moved here from Austin in 2014 after he finished his PhD. Here we are being freshly married (I’m standing on a step because he’s more than a foot taller than me, and I am not short).

mah significant otter

What’s the deal with all the medieval stuff? Are you one of those Ren-Faire people?

Nope. I’m heavily involved in the SCA and live in the Kingdom of Meridies. There, I’m known as The Honorable Lady Penelope de Bourbon, but most of my friends call me Peeps. The Society for Creative Anachronism is a volunteer organization dedicated to preserving the knowledge of the middle ages and sharing it with others. It’s super fun and you should come check it out if you’re a history nerd. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to learn sword fighting, help with making a feast, learn how to dye things with roots and berries, or just want to sit around the fire making new friends. Come see what we’re about and what’s happening near you!

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