SCA Resume

Awards Received
AoA, 2011
Sable Thistle for Illumination, 2011
Iris of Merit, 2014
Gold Star of Ansteorra, 2014
Meridian Cross, 2016
Velvet Owl, 2016
Meridian Majesty, 2016
Crown’s Favor – House Bloody Ridge, 2016
Crown’s Favor – Foxglove House, 2017

Late 2009: Joined

– Began formally studying calligraphy and illumination in fall through Austin’s modern calligraphy guild.

– First original scroll done for Ansteorran Rapier Tournament at Gulf (design, illumination, calligraphy, and gilding).
– Ansteorran Rapier Tournament scroll for Pennsic
– AoA and Sable Thistle for illumination both given at Gothic War in September.

– Queen’s Blade of Honor for Eilizabeta II
– Showed at Laurel’s Prize Tournament.
– Competed in Bryn Gwlad Baronial/Candlemas with a hand-bound calligraphed book of 15th century Castillian-Spanish poems.
– Got married in November.

– Competed in Kingdom A&S with my book of 15th century poems.
– Taught at Known World Scribal and Heraldic Symposium on the use and troubleshooting of quills for calligraphy.
– Completed many original scrolls, including my first Peerage scroll for Sir Hildebrand Von Tiel, Queen’s Champion, Queen’s Blade of Honor, and the Middle Eastern Dance Championship for Steppes Warlord 40th year.
– Showed at Laurel’s Prize Tournament.

-Served as co-Sable Scroll with Mistress Sara Penrose for the reign of Aaron V and Nicollet I (11/2013-4/2014). Sable Scroll travels with the crown, writes all of the names/dates on the scrolls for each event, and manages the insignia for court.
– Served as core entourage for Aaron V and Nicollet I
– Was commissioned by Aaron V to do his King’s Gauntlets, a single strand silk embroidery project that I spent over 600 hours completing.
– Taught Seals and Sealing Wax at Gulf.
– Completed numerous commissioned originals and prize scrolls.
– Became an Apprentice of Master Duncan Hepburn, OP, OL, WS

– Moved to Meridies in August.

– Competed in Kingdom A&S with 16th century Ottoman Sugar Figures.
– Rose Scroll on goat skin vellum, reproducing a page from the 12th c. Yuriev Gospel for HE Joan of Ook, Gleann Abhann.
– Developed a tutorial for making a hairpiece of templar braids on a headband.
– Competed at Stella Nova with the first phase of a project to recreate a 16th c. calligraphed Ottoman talismanic shirt. This initial project was to determine, through experimentation, what the best candidates were regarding 1) what the fabric was starched with to prevent ink/paint bleeding, 2) what kind of ink/paint might have been used, and 3) what writing instruments were used. There are fewer than 100 of these shirts in existence, and there is virtually no scholarship on the process by which they were made. I’m having to learn by researching each piece of the puzzle, then testing all viable possibilities. My goal is to create a whole shirt, complete with gilding, painting, and extensive calligraphy within the next few years.

– Taught at Jour d’Amour on Whitework & Diapering in illumination and on Hoods for Every Head.
– Wove a narrow band from the Oseberg burial and began learning to use my more correct (and much more complicated) period loom instead of a loom with many pegs. Failed spectacularly and repeatedly learning how to do warps for the much more complex tablet-woven designs from period vs. the threaded-in versions that sort of look like the period designs. Developed a great deal of respect for those who are skilled at weaving these narrow wares.
– Began learning to make posaments from the Birka graves and completed a panel for the front of a Viking apron in a very fine broken twill, decorated with narrow bands of silk and posaments.
– Had carpal and cubital tunnel release surgeries in the spring and spent several months recovering before I was allowed to really make art again.
– Carved four different blocks for fabric printing, based on animal designs from early period weavings in what is now Persia. Printed poly-silk for use on a men’s Norse caftan replicating Birka grave 944 (using washable fabrics).
– Made hats for TRM Barthelmy and Oda. His is a felted merino wool Roman cap, lined in linen, and trimmed with a band of embroidered chain done in yellow wool. The wool came from a neighboring farm when I worked in Montana, was spun locally, and I dyed it with wild sunflowers gathered over a summer when we lived in Texas. Hers is a tall Sarmatian hat done in red wool coating and decorated with gold-filled glass beads and brass bezants.
– Became an Apprentice of HE Gwen, OL

– Midwinter A&S: taught on raised gesso gilding, judged two entries in Stella Nova, and displayed a 2012 calligraphed book of poems and a pair of in-progress viscounty scrolls.

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